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CEREC Crowns

cerec crowns scottsdale We are proud to offer our patients SAME-DAY dentistry, utilizing the unmatched CEREC crowns – CAD/CAM system. On the date of your appointment your tooth or teeth are prepared, then Dr. Kidess uses the CEREC intra-oral scanner/camera to take a digital/virtual impression (meaning no messy goop in your mouth at all), of that site and within minutes a customized porcelain crown, veneer, inlay or onlay is designed (CAD), and then milled (CAM). This system can be used to fabricate one restoration or for full mouth rehabilitation.

The CEREC – CAD/CAM technology by Sirona Dental (a subsidiary of Siemens Medical Technology Division), has been perfected over the past 30 years, it is a revolutionary system, that provides Dr. Kidess and our patients the ability to restore their teeth with highly aesthetic, precisely fitting, customized ceramic restorations during one appointment, thus saving our patients one of their most valuable assets, time.

CEREC Crowns

Another great advantage of the CEREC same day system, is that our patients no longer have to wear a temporary restoration for weeks before their final restoration is delivered. Thus no more worries over loose temporaries, sensitivity and post-operative pain associated with that. Your treatment is all rendered in one appointment while you are profoundly anesthetized (tooth is numb) and therefore it is completely painless.

All of this treatment is rendered in our Scottsdale state-of-the-art facility, with your choice of noise cancelling headphones, satellite TV, streaming Netflix movies, Mountain views and massaging chairs, and of course with our highly trained team of empathetic professionals at your service.

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