Fun Halloween Candy Alternatives for Trick or Treaters

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21 Fun Halloween Candy AlternativesIt’s almost that time again, when the kids dress up and go around collecting buckets full of pure sugar. That sugar can often translate to cavities if the consumption isn’t well-controlled and your kids don’t care for their teeth well-enough after consuming. While we know that most people will be handing out candy this year, you can help reduce the amount of sugary sweets passed around to the neighborhood kids with these fun Halloween candy alternatives for trick or treaters.

21 Fun Halloween Candy Alternatives for Trick or Treaters

  1. Stickers
  2. Bubbles
  3. Plastic jewelry
  4. Mini Play-Doh
  5. Mini nail polish
  6. Pencils
  7. Pencil toppers
  8. Fake tattoos
  9. Spider rings
  10. Mini rubber stamps
  11. Small packs of crayons
  12. Mini coloring books
  13. Fake bugs
  14. Plastic animals/figures
  15. Green army men
  16. Bouncy balls
  17. Slinkys
  18. Glow sticks
  19. Balloons
  20. Whoopee cushions
  21. Homemade slime (recipe)

You could always pass out toothbrushes and floss, but chances are, the kids won’t find these very much fun (though other parents might be appreciative of the sentiment). Consider some of these Halloween candy alternatives for trick or treaters this year. Chances are they won’t miss the extra sugar because they’ll be enjoying these little distractions long after the sugar high has worn off, and their parents will thank you.

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