Anxiety Medication and Sedation Dentistry – Are They Contraindicated?

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Anxiety Medication and Sedation DentistryIf you deal with anxiety, chances are you might be wondering whether anxiety medication and sedation dentistry are compatible. If you suffer from anxiety, it’s likely that the idea of seeing a dentist may find you apprehensive at best, or downright fearful.

Anxiety Medication and Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety affects millions of Americans, and most take some kind of medication to manage their anxiety. While some patients experience a specific dental phobia, called odontophobia, many others experience a more generalized anxiety. Chances are, your specially trained sedation dentist is familiar with the side effects and contraindications of anxiety medication and can work with you to form a proper treatment plan.

Before Your Appointment

Be sure to make a list of all medications you take. Your sedation dentist will go over your list of medication to make sure your other medication, anxiety medication and sedation dentistry plan are a good mix and safe for you. If there is a contraindication, your sedation dentist will come up with an alternate plan for you, or refer you to someone else who may be able to help you get the dental services you need.

Paradise Valley and Phoenix Area Sedation Dentist –

Are you currently taking anxiety medication and sedation dentistry may help you get the care you need? Reem Kidess, DDS. offers compassionate dental care in the Phoenix, AZ and Paradise Valley areas, and will work with you to formulate a customize sedation dental treatment plan so that you can rest easier in the dentist chair.

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