The Art of Sedation Dentistry

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sedation dentistryIf you could imagine for a moment, going in for a medical procedure which required some form of pain management. They’ve already administered the medication and began their work, but for some reason, the dosage wasn’t quite enough, so you were forced to complete the procedure in pain. You see, many medical professionals may take a cookie-cutter approach to pain management, but at our office, we understand that sedation dentistry is an art.

One fairly skeptical patient, Tonya, came to Dr. Kidess, claiming that, “Nobody has ever been able to get me numb fully.” She could never recall having any issues with numbing when she was younger, but now in her 40s, she explained that in the past 10 years, this had become an issue for her once the drill hit a certain depth. She had several fillings in her mouth already, and this time, she came in to see us as a first time patient because one of those fillings had fallen out.

Tonya was successfully treated at our office using the latest techniques in sedation dentistry. Dr. Kidess was able to safely and effectively tailor Tonya’s treatment for maximum comfort, leaving her pain-free and all smiles when she left our office.

If you’ve ever experienced this scenario, Dr. Kidess is your pain-management advocate. Even though you may not have an inherent fear of the dental chair, there is no reason you should have to endure an uncomfortable or painful dental procedure. Dr. Kidess has mastered the art of sedation dentistry and uses these skills to facilitate a comfortable visit. If you’ve needlessly suffered through dental work in the past, contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment today, and suffer no-more.

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