Botox for TMJ Pain – Does it Really Work?

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Botox for TMJ painMany Americans suffer from chronic TMJ pain, and the treatment options might seem confusing. A previously unconventional approach, Botox for TMJ pain has become a modern treatment option for some patients who previously had no other treatment options. Botox is not right for every patient, but for some, using Botox for TMJ pain has been the only treatment which allows them to live free of chronic TMJ pain.

Botox for TMJ Pain – Does it Work?

Botox is an injection that will help to relax facial muscle tension which is a large contributor to TMJ. As facial muscles relax, the muscle contractions which contribute to facial pain and debilitating migraines will diminish. Botox for TMJ pain has been used successfully to help many patients find relief.

When are Botox Injections Used to Treat TMJ Pain?

Botox injections provide temporary relief in the sense that treatments must be repeated every 3-4 months to continue receiving the benefits. If possible, the underlying cause for TMJ pain should be identified and addressed. Oral splints, mouth guards, physical therapy, and various methods of surgery are all different options to address TMJ pain. Alternative therapies includes acupuncture, relaxation techniques and biofeedback machines.

How Do I Know What Treatment is Right for Me?

It’s important to speak with a professional dentist who is familiar with the symptoms and various treatment options for TMJ. Your dentist should help you identify the underlying causes behind your TMJ pain to better evaluate your particular case and formulate an appropriate treatment plan.

If you’re looking for TMJ pain relief in the Phoenix, AZ area, contact our office today to schedule a consult. Dr. Kidess is fully trained with Botox administration certifications, which requires hands-on training for certification.

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