Calming Dentist Fears with Sedation Dentistry

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Calming Dentist Fears with Sedation DentistryYou haven’t been to the dentist since you were little, or since the last time your dentist hit a nerve. Literally hit a nerve. Or maybe you’ve never been to the dentist at all because the thought of suffering from a week-long flu sounds more appealing than seeing the dentist. The idea of calming dentist fears with sedation dentistry has probably never crossed your mind as an option.

Look, we get it.

We see so many patients through our doors who feel just like this. Tragically, we’ve seen some pretty extreme cases where the patient has experienced legitimate dental abuse. This is why we do what we do. No one should suffer through toothaches or neglect routine check-ups due to dental fear.

Calming Dentist Fears with Sedation Dentistry

With the newest researched techniques technology, people who have avoided the dentist for one reason or another, can now get the dental care that they desperately need. We have a lot of experience with calming dentist fears with sedation dentistry and have witnessed some amazing successful cases. We love seeing our once-terrified patients finally make a sigh of relief and SMILE once more because they finally got work taken care of that was previously seen as impossible.

Will Sedation Dentistry Put Me to Sleep?

Not necessarily. Although sedation dentistry is sometimes labeled as “sleep dentary”, the truth is that you’re rarely, if ever, actually asleep. There are different levels of sedation, from an anxiety aid to help you relax to an IV-controlled medication to keep you in a state of sedation with a level of “amnesia” after your care is complete. It’s completely customized to fit your specific sedation needs.

Are you afraid of seeing the dentist? We would love to help you! Contact our office for more information.

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