Can a Dentist Help with Teeth Grinding?

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dentist help with teeth grindingStress, improper bite, or unconscious clenching at night – these habits fall under the condition known as bruxism, or more simply known as teeth grinding. Bruxism can be mild or severe, with some forms causing more damage than others. Damage caused by grinding your teeth can lead to worn, chipped or broken teeth if not treated. Can a dentist help with teeth grinding? Most of the time, the answer is, yes.

Dentist Help with Teeth Grinding – Mouth Guard, Occlusal Splint, Stress Reduction

Stress-Induced Daytime Bruxism – Stress-related teeth grinding during the daytime may be relieved by implementing stress-reducing techniques. Becoming conscious of your teeth grinding can also help minimize damage. Speaking to a counselor or therapist can help reduce bruxism caused by daytime stress while an occlusal splint appliance or mouth guard may be prescribed by your dentist to help protect your teeth.

Night Time Bruxism – Force from grinding your teeth at night can be up to 10 times that done during waking hours, causing more damage to the teeth and often leads to chronic jaw pain. Night time bruxism cannot be consciously controlled. A fitted mouth guard or appliance can help protect the teeth and jaw.

Orthodontia – Dentist Help with Teeth Grinding

If your bruxism issues are not stress-induced, but rather from an improper, or misaligned bite, custom orthodontia treatment may be prescribed by your dentist to remedy the issue.

Looking for dentist help with teeth grinding? Contact our office today to see what we can do to reduce damage to your teeth and jaw pain.

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