Can You Heal a Cavity?

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Fear of the dentist may have you looking for alternative ways to take care of cavities on your own. One of the more common topics for modern bloggers is healing your cavities, but can you really heal a cavity?

Can You Heal a Cavity?

Can You Heal a Cavity?

The quick answer is, no, you cannot heal a cavity, however, at the beginning stages of a developing cavity, you are often able to stop the progression and re-mineralize the area. Once the cavity is beyond the point of being superficial, your only option is to seek treatment to prevent further decay.

I’ve Heard that Diet Can Heal Cavities, is This True?

When it comes to re-mineralizing a tooth, a healthy diet can certainly help, but again, a full-blown cavity cannot be healed. A healthy diet can, however, go a very long way in preventing the development of cavities and gum disease to begin with.

I No Longer Feel Pain from My Cavity. It’s Okay Now, Right?

Unfortunately, just because you aren’t feeling pain anymore, does not mean that the cavity is healed. You may have done a fabulous job at reducing the surrounding inflammation with natural remedies, but the unfortunate news is that your cavity is still there and it can still cause an abscessed tooth if you don’t get it taken care of.

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I’m afraid of the dentist but I have a cavity. What do I do?

Seeking out help from a qualified sedation dentist can ease your anxiety so that you can get the dental care you need.

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