Can I Trust My Dentist?

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Can I Trust My Dentist?This question is a bit abstruse but one often asked by newer patients who have little to no relationship with their dentist. Can you trust your dentist? If you’re asking yourself this question, it’s likely because:

  1. You were uncomfortable during your visit; either with the office environment, the staff, the way you were treated, or a combination of all of these.
  2. You have fears surrounding seeing a dentist or undergoing the proposed treatment.
  3. They did not provide you with a thorough explanation of why the treatment was needed.

Can I Trust My Dentist?

Having a trusting relationship with your dentist is very important. When you walk into an office, it should be warm, welcoming and comfortable. The staff should be friendly and treat you with dignity. Missing any of these elements can trigger or amplify anxiety about proposed treatment plans or going back. In some cases, it may make you question whether or not your dentist really does have your best interest in mind.

Can I Trust My Dentist? – Why Do I Need This Treatment?

Being treated with dignity includes the courtesy of an explanation behind a proposed treatment plan. You wouldn’t go in for abdominal surgery without knowing why it was necessary, and it’s the same thing with dental work. Patients should have an opportunity to understand their dental challenges, treatment options, and then participate in creating their treatment plan. If you aren’t comfortable with their findings or treatment plan, ask questions until you feel comfortable. Most dentists are happy to oblige, however, a dentist who is resistant to discussing details with their patient should be a red flag. In this case, a second opinion should be considered.

Dr. Reem Kidess specializes in providing comfortable and trustworthy sedation dentistry in Paradise Valley and greater Phoenix, AZ area. If you’re still asking whether or not you can trust your dentist, we invite you to contact our office with questions, and see what our patients have to say.

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