Do I Have a Cavity? – Cavity Symptoms

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Cavity SymptomsAccording to the National Institutes of Health, cavities (also known as “caries”), are the second most common health disorder in the US (common colds are the first). Children and young adults are more prone to developing cavities, however, any age group can be affected. It’s important to know the cavity symptoms to look out for.

What Causes Cavities?

Bacteria is a normal part of our biology and part of how we digest foods. Bacteria chemically changes foods like sugar and starch, into acids, and mixed with saliva, will cause plaque. The acids from plaque, if not removed, will begin to erode tooth enamel which will eventually create a hole in the tooth.

Do I have a Cavity? – Cavity Symptoms

You cannot rely on cavity symptoms to let you know that you have a cavity, because sometimes cavities do not cause any discomfort or pain, especially smaller ones. However, if you experience tooth pain or aches, especially after consuming cold or hot foods or drinks, or anything sweet, you’ll want to get seen by the dentist. You may also see visible pits or holes in the tooth.

How to Screen for Cavities

Your twice a year routine cleanings can usually be found during routine check ups and x-rays. Your dentist may probe for soft surfaces, and the repair will depend on the severity of the cavity. If you’re concerned you may have a cavity, it’s important to contact your dentist to get it taken care of right away. The sooner it’s discovered, the less likely chance of needing more advanced repair, such as crowns or root canals.

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