Have a Chipped Tooth? – Here’s How to Fix It

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fix a chipped toothParticipation in sports without proper mouth guards or chewing on hard objects, especially with a weakened or diseased tooth, can result in a chipped tooth. If you have a chipped tooth, it’s important that you see a dentist to make the necessary repairs or you risk further damage or even tooth extraction if the tooth becomes infected.

Having a chipped tooth can sometimes cause pain, but it can also make chewing difficult. If you have a chipped tooth in front, you might also become self-conscious. Don’t panic though; a chipped tooth can be fixed.

Fix a Chipped Tooth

If your chipped tooth causes pain, an over-the-counter pain killer can help until you can get to a dentist. You can also use some sugar-free gum or paraffin wax to keep any sharp edges from cutting your tongue or check.

Smaller chips – Small chips can often be fixed by the dentist by filling, using a tooth-colored bonding material. It’s a simple office procedure and usually doesn’t require numbing. Other options include bonded veneers which can take a few appointments to plan, prepare the veneers, and placing/bonding.

Larger chips, breakage and/or decay – You will likely need to have a crown or a veneer. Some dental offices offer same-day crowns.

Broken teeth that expose the roots – You’ll likely need to have root canal therapy in this instance. Your dentist will build up enough composite material to then place a permanent crown.

It’s important to seek help from a dental professional when you have a chipped or a fractured tooth to prevent further complications. If your fear of the dentist is preventing you from making that phone call, we invite you to contact our office to learn about sedation dentistry and how we might help you get the dental care you need.

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  1. Hello, yesterday I had slipped on some water and chipped the bottom of my tooth it is a smaller chip so I was wondering how much that was going to cost to fix . Thank you


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