Clear Aligners


Use of clear aligners is an alternative to traditional braces. It is designed to help guide teeth into their proper position. Like braces, clear aligners apply a continuous gentle force to move teeth into alignment, but without the use of metal wires or brackets.

A clear teeth aligner is a custom made tight fitting retainer that slips over the teeth. Clear aligners are made from a clear plastic material custom designed for each individual. They are produced under a number of different brand names including ClearCorrect, Inmann Aligner, Invisalign and Smart Moves. In our practice we prefer to use ClearCorrect.


Benefits of a Clear Aligner

  • A clear aligner is almost undetectable if they fit well. They show off your smile instead of a latticework of metal of traditional braces.
  • Clear aligners are made of comfortable, smooth thermoplastic polyurethane, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of metal brackets.
  • The clear aligner appliance is removable making it easy to detach before eating. This means there is no chance of food getting stuck which is a major concern with metal braces with their wires and brackets. This means you do not need to change your diet.
  • Dental hygiene is easier and better with clear aligners than traditional braces.

Disadvantages of Using a Clear Aligner

  • Clear aligners won’t work for all cases such as situations where dramatic toot movement is required.
  • Aligners must be worn the required 22 hours per day. Because they are removable, they will not achieve the needed results if they are not replaced after eating.
  • During the first period of use some people experience a bit of a lisp that goes away once you get used to them.

A straight beautiful smile does more than make you look great, it can help you keep the rest of your mouth healthy. Straight teeth are less prone to decay and gum disease. Straight teeth collect less plaque, a colorless, sticky film composed of bacteria, food and saliva.

Orthodontics or a teeth aligner are not limited to kids and teenagers. But if you have crowded teeth and want an alternative, often dental veneers are an option.


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