Make Sparks Fly when You Smile: Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale AZ Restorations

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There’s always that someone you’d want to smile at when your eyes meet, but it takes confidence to give a smile that can make sparks fly. Unfortunately, there are factors that can take away all that confidence, robbing you of that perfect moment. What’s even worse, regular hygiene alone won’t be enough to get rid of factors like chipped, stained, and decayed teeth. Cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale AZ dentists can offer reliable solutions to these problems.


Veneers are thin shells of either ceramic or composite materials bonded to the teeth surface. They are used to cover teeth discolorations and irregularly-shaped teeth and protect the teeth’s enamel from further damage. Veneers can be made of porcelain or composite material, but porcelain veneers are more popular because they provide a more natural-looking appearance. On the other hand, composite veneers are more affordable than porcelain ones. With dental veneers, you can prolong the life of your teeth and avoid problems requiring extensive treatments such as tooth extractions and crowns.


Crowns are tooth caps used to cover the visible part of the teeth. These caps completely cover the top part of your damaged teeth, preventing the onset of severe oral conditions while holding the teeth together. Crowns can restore the shape, size, and stability of the teeth, improving their function and aesthetics. Materials used for crowns may vary—metal, porcelain, and all-resin are commonly used by cosmetic dentists Scottsdale residents trust. It is important to discuss other treatment options before getting full dental crowns. Know the advantages it can give and which material would make your teeth look better.


Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth, preventing malocclusions and other oral conditions associated with missing teeth. These will help restore your smile since bridges look a lot like natural teeth. Dental bridges also distribute force among your teeth, making it easier to speak, chew, and bite. These would also prevent the neighboring teeth from getting pushed out of its proper alignment.


Implants are artificial roots that function as anchor points for teeth restorations like dentures and bridges. According to Dental implants Scottsdale experts like Dr. Reem Kidess, these implants can enhance both the function and aesthetic appearance of your teeth by reinforcing restorations, just like how the tooth root supports natural teeth. Dental implants will make it easier to speak and eat properly, preventing dentures or bridges from slipping off.

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