Dangers of Ignoring an Abscessed Tooth

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Abscessed Tooth, Scottsdale AZ, Dr. Reem KidessAn abscessed tooth is one in which the tooth has either cracked or eroded, exposing the pulp to outside bacterial infection. When this happens, infectious fluids begin to gather around the local area and can usually be seen and felt in the gum line. This red, inflamed spot is typically tender to the touch, can cause bad breath and usually warmer in temperature. While many abscesses cause at least some pain or discomfort, not all do. In fact, some abscessed teeth aren’t even discovered until dental x-rays are taken.

If you show any signs of an abscessed tooth, however, it’s extremely important for you to address it with a trip to the dentist before it gets too out of hand. Here are a few of the risks you take if you ignore the pain or symptoms:

  • Loss of tooth if it gets bad enough to pull
  • Infection spreading to other soft tissues or jaw bone
  • Sinusitis, also known as a sinus infection
  • Abscess of brain
  • Blood infection
  • In severe case, if the abscess infection is allowed to enter the blood stream and/or reach the brain, death can occur.

Choosing between seeing a dentist to take care of the pain or avoiding the dentist at all costs due to fear or severe anxiety is no longer a painful decision. Using the latest technology in sedation dentistry, Reem Kidess is able to get you through your dental fears to get the work done that is desperately needed. Contact our office today with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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