Same Day Dentist – Phoenix, AZ

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One Day DentistGoing to the dentist isn’t on everyone’s list of favorite things to do, and for some, just getting to the dentist for routine cleaning is a feat in itself. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a same day dentist for things like crowns or for those who need extensive dental work done?

Same Day Dentist – Phoenix, AZ

With modern sedation and dentistry technology, the possibility of getting more done at one appointment became reality. Oftentimes with dental fears, a patient may avoid getting care altogether when they find out that what they need will require that they have to keep coming back for consecutive appointments.

Same Day Dentist Technology

At our office, we use advanced technology so that traditionally work done in two appointments can happen in just one visit. For example, no more temporary crowns and waiting on the permanent one to come back from the “shop”. With our CREC technology, we can skip the temporary and get the permanent crown made inner-office.


Dental Crowns from on Vimeo.

Sedation Dentistry

With advancements in sedation dentistry, major dental work can now be streamlined and consolidated into fewer appointments. Using sedation to calm anxiety can also increase the time a person can tolerate having work done on their teeth and gums. This means it’s possible to complete all or most of your dental work in just one visit instead of many.

Looking for a same day dentist in Phoenix, AZ?

Dr. Reem Kidess offers patients a calm and relaxing office with a customized sedation experience to fit your specific sedation needs. Contact us today!

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