Waterpik Dental IrrigatorIf patients were honest with their dentists surrounding the subject of flossing, most patients would be admitting that they really dislike flossing and often skip out on this extremely important oral health routine. Flossing is often uncomfortable and we don’t always readily connect the benefits of flossing to our oral health as we do with brushing our teeth twice daily. With the Waterpik ® or other dental irrigator, flossing no longer has to be so arduous.

Waterpik ® vs. Dental Floss

Dental floss does a decent job good at clearing plaque between teeth when used correctly. The problem is, most people who floss don’t know how to floss correctly. Some types of dental floss can also fray and redistribute bacteria around the mouth.

How Does a Dental Irrigator/Waterpik ® Work?

Dental irrigators work by spraying or pulsing water through a handheld device. You guide the sprayer along the gum line to remove biofilm and food debris from between the teeth, which also massages the gum line, producing better blood supply and healthier gums.

Waterpik ® vs. Dental Floss – Which is Better?

A Waterpik ® or dental irrigator, however, has been proven to be more effective at removing biofilm and debris from teeth than traditional flossing. This isn’t to say you have to throw your floss out with the trash. Traditional flossing when done correctly, along with proper diet and oral hygiene routines, can still leave you with a great, healthy smile. And for the truly ambitious, why not floss before using a dental irrigator?

A Waterpik ® or other dental irrigator can be a great option for those who are having trouble getting into the habit of flossing.