Dental Scottsdale Practices Sound Off on Oral Health: Eat Healthy Food for the Oral Cavity

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People often think that eating the right kind of food in the right amount yields a healthier mind and body. Quite a few also think that a good diet contributes to a slimmer figure. While these are true, they are not the only benefits of eating healthy. Good nutrition brings good oral health too.

A beautiful smile composed of healthy teeth and gums does not only result from regular brushing and flossing. What people consume greatly affects their oral health more than they actually think. Poor gum health is the leading cause of premature tooth loss, so people should be more concerned with what they eat and drink, as this has a direct effect on the gums, and subsequently, the teeth. The following lists a few food items that a dentist in Scottsdale like Dr. Reem Kidess would recommend to preserve oral health.


Cheese is one of the healthiest dairies available in the market today. Extensive research shows that the characteristics of cheese are extremely beneficial to the oral cavity. Cheese balances the acidity level inside the mouth and discourages the growth of cavity-causing bacteria. This helps maintain, rebuild, and strengthen the teeth’s enamel. It also encourages the production of saliva, which is responsible for washing away the bacteria inside the mouth. Experts say a small serving of cheese after dinner will make a huge difference to one’s oral health.

Green Tea

A study conducted by a group of scientists showed that people drinking a cup of tea everyday substantially lowered their risk of developing periodontitis. Further research on the components of green tea revealed that the Japanese’s and Chinese’s traditional drink is rich in catechins. It is a form of anti-oxidant that experts believe is the key ingredient to a healthier oral cavity. Catechins also prevent the body’s natural inflammatory response to disease-causing bacteria. Incorporating green tea in the diet can prevent tooth loss for which dental implants Scottsdale AZ dentists install is one of the solutions.


Who would have thought that drinking water is actually a good way to keep the mouth healthy? There are many people who often disregard water and choose sodas instead because the former is tasteless. A dental Scottsdale practitioner like Dr. Reem Kidess can attest that drinking water hydrates the gums, and is the best way to trigger saliva production. Apart from that, it also rinses the mouth of trapped particles that cause bad breath.

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