Dentists in Scottsdale: Through History and Specializations

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Dentistry is one of the oldest disciplines in the field of medicine. It is considered one of those industries that provide one of the most popular services in the country. The dentists in Scottsdale and other cities spend their whole career evaluating, diagnosing, and treating various dental problems. They juggle all these responsibilities to help millions of people maintain a healthy oral cavity.

Oral health is considered an important and complex part of overall body care, covering different elements and boundaries. Based on historical data, the earliest forms of dentistry date back to 7000 BC. Skilled artisans were known to treat others using everyday tools. It is no surprise that tooth decay was rampant prior to the development of toothpaste. During those days, people perform tooth extraction by pulling damaged teeth using forceps.

The first people known to practice dental surgeries are the Ancient Egyptians. In 3000 BC, the first ever recorded dentist is Hesi-Re, who was then helping out with the dental problems of his community. Researchers found an inscription in his tomb saying that he possessed the greatest skill in healing tooth problems using simple equipment. Today, dentistry has evolved into many different sub-disciplines that cover the various needs of the patients. Likewise, there is a type of dentist Scottsdale AZ has that addresses particular dental issues.


A periodontist focuses on gum conditions, unlike other dentists who focus on treating teeth. These dentists study four years of general dentistry and take on an additional two (or more) years to specialize. They are highly trained and experienced in the prevention and treatment of gum diseases such as periodontitis, which is the inflammation of the gums caused by prolonged bacterial exposure. In some cases though, these dentists can install dental implants or even perform tooth and gum restructuring.


This type of dentist focuses on a special procedure called root canal treatment. This is an extensive treatment performed on patients suffering from the inflammation of the tooth pulps. Root canal is done to alleviate the excruciating pain and to prevent further tooth damage. Endodontists are also good at treating most problems concerning the tooth enamel, pulp, blood vessels, and the tooth nerves.

Cosmetic Dentists

Cosmetic dentists focus on the enhancement of a person’s teeth. They administer different procedures such as whitening, bleaching, and tooth reshaping. Unlike other dentists who specialize in one or two procedures, a cosmetic dentist Scottsdale Arizona has like Dr. Reem Kidess is trained in various procedures primarily designed to solve aesthetic issues over functionality problems.

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