Dentures and Dental Implants by Dentists Scottsdale AZ Residents Trust

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Dentures and dental implants are the two options to replace missing teeth. Although both are proven effective, each has a number of advantages they bring to the patient. Individuals with missing teeth can turn to their local Scottsdale AZ dentist for their dentures or dental implants, as well as a complete array of dental services.

The dentists Scottsdale AZ has would recommend wearing dentures or getting dental implants as a permanent solution to problematic oral health. It actually depends on the patient’s discretion if he prefers dental implants or dentures, with the consideration of budget and benefits. Scottsdale dentists recommend the most suitable option for their patients to help the latter make an informed decision for oral health treatment.

The kind of dentures Scottsdale patients may opt to have can replace single or multiple missing teeth. Dentures are basically removable replacements which take some time to adjust to in terms of speaking and eating. It may be beneficial to decide to wear partial dentures, especially if you have natural teeth remaining. Dentures, though, require replacing every few years.

Creating dentures usually takes about a month and five appointments. This involves the initial diagnosis when an impression and wax bite are made to determine the vertical dimensions and proper jaw position, a try-in to assure proper color, shape and fit, and finally the placing of the final denture which may follow minor adjustments if needed.

You also need to clean your dentures with extra care. It’s best to stand over a folded tower or a sink filled with water when handling your dentures because they can easily break if they fall. Additionally, it is advisable to use a denture brush and denture cleanser approved by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Any implant dentist Scottsdale has can provide a high success rate for dental implants. Over the past 60 years, dental implants have constantly evolved to ensure the long-term comfort of patients. However, installing dental implants is a tedious process because it requires a surgical procedure for installation of tooth roots and the new set of teeth. The jaw needs to be checked if it can receive the titanium screws. If not, a bone grafting procedure may be required.

The dentists Scottsdale AZ residents recommend can help their patients regain better looking smile. After a series of tests prior to receiving your dentures or dental implants, you’re sure to have more reasons to smile about because of your Scottsdale dentist like Dr. Reem Kidess. Restore your confidence, youth, and health with natural-looking and superior quality dentures or dental implants.

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