Diagnostic Wax-Up


A diagnostic wax-up is a model that gives you a preview of how your final results will appear. The wax-up is made from a model of your teeth. Dr. Kidess will talk with you in depth about your desired goals with your new smile. Accurate impressions are taken, along with photographs and Dr. Kidess then creates a detailed prescription to her dental laboratory technician with the planned changes and treatment plan. With all of this information Dr. Kidess in conjunction with the dental laboratory technician will construct a diagnostic model in wax of your new smile – thus your will be able to see the actual shape and design of your teeth after treatment.

It is essentially a model of what your completed dental work is going to look like. The diagnostic wax-up provides the template to guide your dental treatment, whether it be for a dental implant(s), veneers, crowns or full mouth reconstruction.

Why Create a Diagnostic Wax-Up?

Think of the wax-up as a blueprint for how we want your final restorations to be fabricated. You wouldn’t consider building a house without a blueprint. Your dentist would not remove tooth structure without knowing exactly where and how much to remove. The wax-up also allows your dentist to make temporaries that are very close in contour and shape to the anticipated final restoration.

You will benefit from a smile design diagnostic wax up model if you are undergoing just about any cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Kidess frequently uses a diagnostic wax model as a tool when performing:

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Benefits to preparing a diagnostic wax-up

  • Enables patient to visualize what their smile will become.
  • It is a physical representation that you can actually hold in your hands.
  • It eliminates guesswork on what the final results will look like.
  • Patients can visualize the results prior to approving treatment.
  • Acts as a template for tooth preparation
  • Used to create temporaries
  • A Simulation template can be made from the diagnostic wax-up to try-in before treatment is initiated or any irreversible tooth structure is removed to test that the design is the optimal one for you.

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