Does Your Dentist in Scottsdale AZ Possess the Qualities of a Good Dentist?

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Some people want to be engineers. Others would like to teach, or become writers, or become rocket scientists. Many would like to be doctors. The latter field, however, includes various disciplines, dentistry among them. A talk with a dentist in Scottsdale AZ may help you in your career choice. Meeting Reem Kidess, DDS, FAGD, PLLC, a specialist in reconstructive, cosmetic, preventive, and sedation dentistry, may remove any doubts you may have in your mind.

Whatever may be one’s career choice, it is important to undergo some self-examination. In the field of dentistry, for example, one must feel good about helping others. A dentist is expected to ease the pains during surgery or any dental procedure. A good dentist should have confidence and a reassuring demeanor to help put patients who are uncomfortable with dentists at ease.

Dentists also need excellent interpersonal skills to be able to connect with and be easily understood by their patients. He or she must have the ability and willingness to follow dental procedures strictly. The profession requires skill and practice; any deviation from the procedures may be harmful to the patient. A dentist must be exacting in his or her work, have the ability to pay attention to every detail, and have a sense of coordination and manual dexterity. Dentists are required to make precise movements to remove or repair defective teeth. Any mistake may cause irreparable damage on a patient’s tooth or gums. Clients of any dentist Paradise Valley dental offices provide can be assured that their dentists have all these qualities.

In the U.S., students must first complete four years of undergraduate education in science-based subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics or math. Applicants must have a good academic undergraduate record and should perform well in the Dental Admission Test.

There are around 57 dental schools in the U.S. where students can study for a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree. Each takes four years to complete: the first two years deal with basic medical science and the second two provide the needed clinical orientation. After graduation, the candidate must pass the National Board of Dental Examination test before being permitted to practice.

Among the best dental schools in the U.S. are The Harvard University School of Dental Medicine, the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School and the University of Maryland at Baltimore, College of Dental Surgery. The latter is where some of the more popular dentists in the U.S. completed their dental degrees. Any dentist Scottsdale dental offices provide has all the qualities of a good dentist and has earned a degree from one of the top schools in the country.

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