Famous Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for Different Patients

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Teeth have always been a subject of attention. This is hardly a surprise, since teeth are some of the most prominent features of a person. Even history agrees with this statement. It is said that 13th century German Knights derived some amusement and laughter from dislodging their enemies’ teeth. Hollywood’s Bugs Bunny and many other notable characters have made the world laugh because of their iconic choppers. While crooked teeth cause a few smiles and laughs here and there, for some who have less-than-perfect grins, the attention is unwanted.

Fortunately, there is cosmetic dentistry. This field gives people the chance to have the perfect set of teeth they’ve always wanted. Unlike other dentistry disciplines, cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing a person’s aesthetics by fixing issues related to teeth and gums. While most fields concentrate on treating underlying dental problems, Scottsdale cosmetic dentistry is all about whitening, reshaping, and generally improving how a person’s teeth look.

To achieve this, Scottsdale cosmetic dentists maximize technological advancements in the field. Take dental fillings, for example. Dental fillings were originally made of gold, which were quite conspicuous. Amalgam soon entered the picture, but its earlier forms left unevenly colored spots on the teeth.

However, that era has passed. Dental fillings have been improved so that it now sits among the best of the best cosmetic dentistry tools. Modern fillings are now made of porcelain or composite materials that perfectly match the natural color of the patient’s teeth. Fillings are not the only testament to the huge leaps the field of dentistry has made over the years. The following are a few more pieces of proof of just how far the treatments of Scottsdale cosmetic dentists and their contemporaries in other areas have come:

A typical cosmetic dentist Scottsdale has, for instance, offers dental veneers to patients with discolored, chipped, and misaligned teeth. Veneers are commonly used to treat wide gaps and irregular tooth contours. Prior to the application of veneers, the dentist will clean, polish, and etch off a portion of the teeth’s enamel. Special cement is then used to permanently bond the veneers with the teeth. The dentist then checks the bite and makes a few more adjustments until everything is right as rain.

Many Scottsdale cosmetic dentists also offer dental implant services that refer to the artificial root replacement made of titanium. This implant is screwed into the jawbone to serve as stable support for the artificial crowns that would be installed in the following session.

Dental implants have garnered favorable reviews from Scottsdale cosmetic dentists and patients alike. This treatment’s ease of implementation, availability, dental aesthetic contribution, and high success rate make it one of the top procedures patients can turn to.

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