Full Dental Implants

Full Dental Implants

Full dental implants are an effective option for replacing all the teeth
in the entire mouth. These full arch implants replace all the teeth in
either the upper or lower jaw. Implants are the only ways to fully
restore appearance, comfort and function when compared to
healthy natural teeth.

  • Feel like you are in an endless series of root canals, crowns and bridgework?
  • Do your dentures slip and slide, making it difficult to speak and eat food?
  • If there are few or no remaining natural teeth then often the only
    comfortable option is an implant-supported bridge or denture.

The Hybridge full arch dental implant bridge offers a simplified lasting
solution for those in need of a full mouth reconstruction due to dental
disease, congenital condition, or accident. Our certified doctors
specialize in full-mouth dental implant restorations. Hybridge offers a
unique process that seamlessly blends professional care with exceptional
technology and artistry to restore comfort and full dental function. Hybridge’s proven treatments transform our patient’s appearance,
confidence, and quality of life.

Dental Implants FAQs

Hybridge Full Arch Dental Implants

Hybridge dental implant bridges restore full dental function and provide unsurpassed levels of comfort and confidence. Nothing looks, feels or functions more like your natural teeth!

Hybridge replaces all of your upper and/or lower teeth or multiple teeth They are permanently supported on five to six dental implants depending on the solution that best fits your needs. Hybridge looks, feels and functions just like healthy natural teeth, so you can forget about your dental problems forever and get the most out of life.

Hybridge also preserves your jawbone. Dentures and partials don’t provide the stimulation necessary to bone health, so denture and partial wearers lose bone mass over time and develop a “sunken” facial contour that makes them look older than their years. Hybridge helps to prevent bone loss and preserve your facial appearance.

What is the cost of full dental implants?

The efficiencies within the Hybridge process and the use of advanced technologies translate to time saved in the dental chair, which translates to not only greater convenience, but cost savings for Hybridge patients.

  • Faster treatment times of 1-2 months compared to conventional implants that take 9-18 months
  • Costs are typically half when compared to conventional implants

Treatment time and costs will vary from patient to patient. This depends on factors

  • Replacing teeth on the upper jaw, lower jaw or both?
  • Starting with or without the natural remaining teeth?

Scottsdale cosmetic dentist Dr. Reem Kidess will evaluate your current dental situation and help you to understand the treatment options available to you that meet your treatment objectives. She and her team of experts will work to educate you on the treatment and financing paths available and will help you make an informed decision for your best dental options for the long-term.

Comparison of Full Mouth Dental Restoration Options


What Patients Are Saying About Hybridge

Full Dental Implants
Full Dental Implants
Full Dental Implants patient

Full Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions

Hybridge Full Arch is not an implant. It is a prosthetic restoration which is made using very specific clinical techniques.

The “conventional” approach to dental implants can be completed in many different ways, usually resulting in porcelain crowns or bridgework. These treatments are still indicated in many instances, but usually for replacing one or several teeth at a time. Treatment time may take up to 18 months.

Hybridge Full Arch is a specific technique/protocol, which has been perfected to result in a fast, cost effective, simplified treatment approach. The final prosthetic restoration is a cross-linked PMMA and chrome cobalt bridge replacing up to 12 teeth, supported on 5 or 6 dental implants. The result is full dental function for less than half the cost of conventional implant bridgework and in a fraction of the time.

Costs are typically half when compared to conventional implants. Every person is different and so too is the Hybridge case depending on the number of teeth remaining, available bone, and other factors. There are many variables to the Hybridge treatment, so cost can vary. A Hybridge certified doctor will give you an exact cost estimate at the time of your initial consultation.

Good news! You may still be a candidate for Hybridge. Our process can be completed on patients who have been told they are not eligible for dental implants. The Hybridge process is unique in that it utilizes the bone that most of our patients already have. Bone grafting may be needed with extreme bone loss. A dental CT scan can easily identify available bone, and determine if bone augmentation/addition is needed.

With so many dental insurance policies available today, we suggest you contact your insurance carrier to determine if dental implants are covered on your plan. If your policy does cover dental implants, you will find the yearly maximum will be the limit to coverage. As a rule, we find that dental insurance coverage is usually not significant enough to be a determining factor to completing treatment. Medicaid, Medicare and medical insurance do not cover Hybridge treatment.

Hybridge restorations are fabricated using two different materials. The underlying strength of the bridge comes from a chrome cobalt metal material that is extremely strong. Cross-linked PMMA teeth and pink acrylic, which mimics the gum tissue, are veneered to this metal core. The wear and tear of these materials is dependent on the individual habits of the Hybridge patient. For most, maintenance of the veneer materials is minimal over time. Those with habits such as tooth grinding, clenching and chewing hard objects (ice, candy, etc.) will incur higher maintenance costs. If the veneer materials become worn or damaged, they can be replaced oftentimes for less than the cost of a few conventional crowns.

Many times by correcting a bad bite, grinding will lessen, but habits are sometimes hard to break. We have found that those with a history of grinding (bruxing), will need more maintenance over time due to wear of the Hybridge teeth. Unlike natural teeth, Hybridge can be restored usually within a week, and for less cost than one crown.

Gum disease is a bad name for periodontal disease. It should be called tooth disease. In the absence of teeth, there is no dental disease. Implants over time have proven to not be at risk for periodontal disease. This does not mean that good oral hygiene is not required with Hybridge. A clean mouth will make for a healthy mouth free of inflammation and infection. We recommend cleanings every 4 months.

Yes, we recommend cleaning every 3-4 months.

The alarms will not go off. Like any other dental material (fillings and crowns), Hybridge is not identified in a security scan.


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