How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

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cosmetic dental treatmentIn choosing a cosmetic dentist, having a low price and a location near your home is not the first thing you should look for. Picking the first name from a list provided by your insurance plan is not the best thing either.

When you pick the wrong dentist, it is not just an unpleasant experience—though many dental “phobes” experience trauma and develop their fears this way. The worst thing would be to get an unqualified dentist perform shoddy dental treatment on your teeth and jaw.

Loose fillings and poorly fitting crowns are just the start. When you’re not in luck, you may even experience a botched surgery, which can cause chronic pain and serious infection. The result—you would not only get a more unsightly smile, but you may also need an additional, more costly (and more painful) procedures to reverse the damage. Below are for important criteria in choosing your dentist.

Four Criteria in Choosing the Right Dentist

1. Professional Qualifications and License

It’s important to ask if the dental team has proper licensing, training and experience with the procedures you may require. If their qualifications seem questionable, you should turn around right away.

You can verify the dentist’s qualifications through the state dental board, local dental society or specialty organizations. Most state dental boards have a website where you can check if a dentist is licensed. These websites also have information if the dentist has a history of any legal or disciplinary sanctions.

2. Excellent Communication and Customer Service

A dentist shouldn’t just be good at working on your teeth, but also an excellent communicator. Does your dentist explain in detail about your situation and the procedure about to be done? Do you feel like your dentist understands your concerns? Does your dentist offer you advice with your best interests in mind?

If you feel like you are being rushed to get a procedure done or if you feel like you are not treated with respect—that is not a good sign. The dentist should at least be able to make you comfortable enough to express your anxiety or ask for options.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology

Dentistry nowadays has improved with technology. When choosing a cosmetic dentist, you should take a look if their office is not left behind by the current technology. Do they use digital imaging in making impressions of your teeth? Can they create your veneers or dental crowns fast enough? CEREC® technology, for example, uses a computer modeling software to make you a perfect crown which you can get in the same day.

There are also other technologies which can make dental procedures more safe and efficient. Digital radiography can eliminate 90 percent of the radiation from conventional x-rays. Intraoral cameras can show and magnify the existing conditions in your mouth better than mirrors. Meanwhile, laser technology can offer minimally invasive procedures for gum treatments.

4. Clinic Environment and Comfort

The atmosphere of the dental office can do a lot in easing your nerves. For starters, it must be very clean. It must follow the standard operating procedure for infection prevention and control.

It must feel welcoming and comfortable—at least not the typical cold, bare white walls, but soothing colors that create an inviting atmosphere. Noise-cancelling headphones and TV screens on that can help you forget about your mouth in treatment rooms are a plus.

It is important to find a cosmetic dentist trustable enough to make you open your mouth to drill and poke around your teeth. Ignoring qualifications can get you substandard dental care can potentially hurt your long term oral and overall health.

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5 thoughts on “How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist”

  1. Thanks for mentioning that a dentist should not only work on your teeth well but should be a good communicator too. My wife is thinking about finding a cosmetic dentistry close to our home because she’s contemplating whiting her smile since she works face to face with customers. I think it’s a good investment to go to a reputable professional that can help her whiten her teeth and communicates well if she decides to do it.

  2. I like how you mentioned that you can verify a dentist’s credentials through a local dental society or specialty organizations. My wife and I are considering looking for a dentist because we noticed last week that our teeth aren’t as white as they were just a year ago. I think it’s a good idea to consider hiring a reputable professional that can help us get our smiles looking great again.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the importance of choosing a dentist that is licensed and experienced with the procedures that you need. I will be sure to consider this because I am planning to visit one next Saturday to ask about veneer services. My front teeth have signs of discoloration, and I could not find a way to remove them. It is highly important for me to improve my smile since my job requires me to meet different people daily. Thanks!


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