How To Choose a Sedation Dentist – Scottsdale, AZ

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How to choose a sedation dentist

If you’re reading this post, chances are you have already given much thought toward the benefits of choosing a sedation dentist for yourself or a loved one. Sedation dentistry has made it possible to address the fears and anxiety that many people experience when confronted with all-things-dentist-related. Now that you’ve arrived at this place, how do you choose a sedation dentist?

How to Choose a Sedation Dentist

  • Choose a Sedation Dentist Who is Board Certified. It’s very important that you choose a sedation dentist who is Board-Certified to make sure you are receiving the best options and care for your specific level of anxiety or fears. Only a board-certified dentist has the hours of training needed to be able to correctly and effectively implement correct sedation techniques.
  • Choose a Sedation Dentist Office with Friendly Staff and Calming Atmosphere. A good sedation dentist will have a calming atmosphere and friendly staff to assist you in making your visits as comfortable as possible. If the staff isn’t friendly or the office space feels cluttered, chances are it won’t help you feel at-ease during your visit.
  • Options, Options, Options. Sedation dentistry should not be treated like it’s one-size-fits-all, because it’s not. The truth is, not everyone needs IV sedation, and for some, swallowing a pill is not enough to make their experience comfortable. Understanding your needs as a patient is important when deciding the best form of sedation to use.
  • Costs and Financing Options Discussed Up-Front. Your sedation dentist should clearly discuss cost and financing options with you before your procedure. Discussing these things ahead of time means that you won’t have to worry about surprises on the back end.

If you live in the Paradise Valley or Scottsdale, AZ area and are looking for a sedation dentist who meets all of these criteria, contact the office of Reem Kidess using our contact form or call the office direct!

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