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social healthA person’s social health directly affects their ability to function and contribute to society. It’s reasonable to assume that, because humans are social beings, someone who suffers from poor social health will struggle in every area of their life, including work, romantic relationships and how they interact with their friends and family.

Social Health is Very Important

Poor self-esteem is one of the main contributors to poor social health. A person with poor self-esteem will tend to withdraw from social interactions and they may be robbing their family of cherished photographic memories because they refuse to get in front of the camera.

How to Improve Your Social Health

Addressing your self-esteem is key. Buying a new outfit, making a daily ritual of setting aside time for grooming yourself or going for a walk can be helpful to many. Schedule regular time to spend time with people who are uplifting and value your friendship and be mindful to smile often.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Improving Social Health

When you’re self-conscious about your smile, cosmetic dentistry can dramatically improve your social health. There’s something psychologically beneficial about a great smile that boosts the confidence of the person who bears it, and draws in other people around them. A healthy smile gains trust and improves your overall appearance. Not only will a bright smile bring social health benefits, but it will also improve your overall health as well. (See Periodontal Disease Linked to Overall Health)

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