Is There a Way to Make Dental Veneers Last Longer?

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make dental veneers last longerYou’ve just had a smile makeover using dental veneers, and aren’t you loving your beautiful new smile? You might be surprised to learn, however, that dental veneers may not last for a lifetime. Most are estimated to last for at least ten years, however, here are seven simple things you can do to make dental veneers last longer:

Ways to Make Dental Veneers Last Longer

  • Skilled cosmetic dentist – Seeing a skilled cosmetic dentist means that the installation will be professional and secure, which improves the lifespan of dental veneers.
  • Don’t Miss Your Twice-A-Year Cleanings – Just because your teeth have false fronts, doesn’t mean they don’t build up bacteria, plaque, and have the potential for your teeth to develop cavities.
  • Brush regularly – For the same reason you shouldn’t miss your cleanings, be sure to brush and floss at least twice per day or after every meal.
  • No nail biting/chewing – Putting undue pressure on your teeth from nail or pencil biting, or eating things like hard candy, can eventually chip or crack a veneer, and it may fall off altogether.
  • Use a mouth guard -If you’re in sports or you grind your teeth at night (bruxism), use a mouth guard to protect your veneers from chipping or wearing down.
  • Avoid Food and Drink that Stain – While the surface of a veneer is resistant to stains, the edge of the veneer where the adhesive is, is still at-risk for staining. Limiting or avoiding drinks or foods with high levels of tannin (like coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco) can help avoid what’s called, “marginal discoloration.” This can ruin the effect of your bright smile.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures – The material of the veneer, the adhesive and your tooth can expand and contract at different rates with either hot or cold. Over time, this can wear on the adhesive and veneer and can eventually crack.

Using these tips to make dental veneers last longer will give you many years of a beautiful smile. Dr. Reem Kidess has years of experience with dental veneers. If you’re in the Scottsdale, AZ area, we would love to see how veneers can help you find your confidence.

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