IV Sedation Dentistry Phoenix is a Fairly New Procedure

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sedation dentistry phoenixReem Kidess, DDS not only provides the latest dental technologies and services. Their team also offer sedation dentistry. Their IV Sedation Dentistry Phoenix dental treatment has one main goal, and that is to make sure your visit to your dentist is the most pleasant it can possibly be.

IV sedation is a fairly new procedure in the dental world but it is quickly catching on. Patients love this method of sedation because it practically takes all the pain and fear out of having your teeth worked on. IV sedation is often the optimal option vs. other forms of sedation for more involved treatment as it allows the dentist to control the amount and type of sedative medication he or she gives their patient and therefore it can be customized depending on the procedures needed.

Oral or IV Sedation Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

There has been a recent discussion among dentists as to which is better: oral or iv sedation. Oral sedation is great for those that are afraid of needles as it is usually given in a liquid or a pill form. The down side to this is that oral sedation reacts in patients differently depending on their age and weight. IV sedation on the other hand is given to the patient through an IV.  The dentist has the option to add more medication as needed if the medication is wearing off which allows treatment to be most comfortable for the patient, during the restorative and or surgical appointment.

Overall, both methods have pros and cons, but IV sedation dentistry in Phoenix  tends to find that the iv method is more reliable. Dr. Roy Bennett, a certified dentist, says that oral sedation can take up to one hour to work. He also states that IV sedation can work in ninety seconds and last longer [http://mellowdental.co.uk/ask/questions/72/oral_sedation_vs_iv_sedation].

IV sedation is becoming more and more popular because of its rapid onset, ease of use, safety and ability to allow long appointments to be condensed into one appointment all under the comfort of IV sedation.  This will make going to the doctor a breeze!

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