Laughing Gas Dentist in Phoenix, AZ

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Laughing gas dentist in Phoenix, AZNitrous Oxide or “laughing gas” is one of the many tools that dentists can use to help control anxiety surrounding dental work for their patients. Laughing gas is a more popular sedation technique for many reasons, including that you can usually drive yourself home soon after your procedure. It’s an easier type of sedation to control compared to some of the other options and the effects wear off quicker than a pill or IV. If you’re looking for a laughing gas dentist in Phoenix, AZ, you’re in luck.

Laughing Gas Dentist in Phoenix, AZ

Reem Kidess, DDS, is a laughing gas dentist in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Dr. Kidess actually offers several forms of sedation dentistry for her patients so she can tailor the experience to fit the unique needs of each of her patients. Laughing gas is considered mild sedation. It is administered through a nose mask and flow is controlled by the dentist. Laughing gas is designed to help calm your nerves enough to receive the dental care you need without actually “going under.” Laughing gas should not put you to sleep, however, it can make you feel very relaxed.

Are there Risks Associated with Laughing Gas?

As with any medical procedure or medication, there are always risks of adverse events, but laughing gas is considered very low risk.

One known caution is to try to avoid laughing gas if you have difficulty with your methylation process due to a C677T MTHFR mutation, especially if you have two copies (this is rare). With the growing popularity of genetic testing through companies like 23andme, some people may know if they are at risk. (If you know you have this mutation but would still like some mild sedation from laughing gas, taking a methylated B12 supplement before and right after your procedure, and drinking lots of water afterwards will help address potential complications.) As always, it’s always best to speak with your dentist to help assess the risks and benefits associated with the use of laughing gas.

Trust Dr. Reem Kidess as your laughing gas dentist in Phoenix, AZ. Fill out the contact form or call our office today to see how we can finally help you get the dental care you deserve.

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