LOVE your Smile!

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Love your smileGoing to the dentist is more than just maintaining your oral health twice a year. It’s an investment in YOU.  While your routine office visits are certainly essential, having just an ‘ok’ smile these days is simply not enough.

A healthy, radiant smile can give you that extra boost of confidence needed to pull through an important business presentation, land you that promotion, or even impress your date this Valentine’s Day!

You owe it to yourself to brighten that smile. Your smile is an essential part of first impressions. People who maintain whiter teeth have an easier time gaining trust from their peers. Not only that, but it will help you regain your youthful look, since coffee, wine, tobacco and food stained teeth most often make you look, well, older. Who couldn’t use a little boost of self-esteem?

Our office offers state-of-the-art in-house laser whitening treatments as well as the option for a take-home kit. Most of our clients find that our in-house laser whitening procedure is a better fit for several reasons. An in-house whitening procedure is easy, quick and painless, and because it is performed in a controlled environment, your risks for sensitivity are greatly reduced. While results from a take-home kit can take several weeks of treatment, a single in-house laser whitening procedure at our office can render similar results.

If you are ready to really LOVE your smile, call our office at 480-991-2290 to schedule your appointment and see which procedure is right for you!

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