Modern Sedation Dentistry Options for the Ever Fearful Dental Patient

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modern sedation dentisrty optionsAre you the adult who finds every reason to never schedule, reschedule or outright cancel your dental appointment? Maybe you had good intentions, but when it came down to it, you’re the ever fearful dental patient who just can’t bring yourself to face the chair. Don’t worry, there are plenty of people just like you, and there are so many modern sedation dentistry options too!

Modern Sedation Dentistry Options for the Ever Fearful Dental Patient

Modern technology has made some astounding technological advancements in the area of dentistry. Custom sedation dentistry means that people just like you get the dental care that they need.

  • Slightly fearful dental patients: Inhalation sedation is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen is a fast-acting way to help induce a conscious state of relaxation and has very few side-effects. Local anesthetic is used to numb the area the dentist will be working on and you can safely drive home afterwards. This can also be used in combination of the next one.
  • More than slightly fearful dental patients: Oral sedative tranquilizers are administered prior to your procedure to help induce a relaxed state, combined with local anesthetic.
  • Outright frightened dental patients: IV sedation is a great option for those who experience debilitating fear over seeing a dentist. A skilled and trained dentist places an IV at the back of your hand or elbow and carefully controls sedation medication through the IV. This is fast-acting and can also have some amnesia effects which makes it seem like you were sleeping through your appointment.

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