What Are The Most Wanted Treatments Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale Offices Can Offer

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Recent studies show that the average person’s oral health has never been better than in the past decade. More people are becoming aware of how important a healthy oral cavity is, as evidenced by the improved behavior and attitude of a good number of adults towards dental visits and other oral health practices. This trend shows how dental treatments are becoming more popular today.

Among the most prevalent disciplines in dentistry is cosmetic dentistry, the branch that delves into the art and science of developing a better smile. While the primary goal is aesthetic, there are times when cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale experts like Dr. Reem Kidess practice restorative procedures to rebuild damaged or cracked teeth due to accidents. The following are a few examples of the most sought after cosmetic treatments in the field:

Bleaching and/or Whitening

Teeth are easily tainted by the different food and substances people consume every day. Coffee and smoking are two of the leading causes of dental stains that require more than brushing and gargling to be removed. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale practitioners offer teeth bleaching and whitening, which effectively deal with the most stubborn stains. These treatments can be done either in the dentist’s office or at home.

Many people think bleaching and whitening are one and the same. This is not surprising, as the two terms are commonly interchanged in the industry. The distinction between the procedures is also small. Bleaching makes the color of the teeth lighter than its natural hue. This calls for more intense lightening agents. On the other hand, whitening refers to removing stains on the teeth and revealing the teeth’s natural color.


Another procedure a cosmetic dentist Scottsdale AZ performs is the installation of dental implants. Fallen permanent teeth cannot be naturally replaced; the spaces they leave also affects jaw bone formation and function. Dental implants are artificial roots that provide stable posts for replacement crowns. They are made of titanium, one of the strongest metals in the world, which also has the ability to integrate with bone.

The screw-like roots are embedded and left inside the cavity to fuse with the bone for around three to six months. During this time, a cosmetic dentist Scottsdale tooth loss patients rely on like Dr. Reem Kidess places temporary crowns above the implant until bone integration is complete. Once everything is set, the stand-ins are removed and replaced with permanent crowns to cap the restoration.

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