No Prep Dental Veneers

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No Prep Dental VeneersLooking for a dramatic improvement in the way you smile? Dental veneers are a great option for fixing the inconsistencies in your teeth, like closing large gaps between teeth, as well as a way to instantly restore whiteness to your smile. There are different styles of veneers available depending on what type of restoration is needed – traditional veneers which require prep work, and no prep dental veneers which require little to no tooth preparation.

Traditional Dental Veneers

Traditional veneers typically require that a layer of enamel from the surface of the tooth be removed before bonding the veneer to the tooth. This process of removing some healthy enamel may sound intimidating for some patients because this procedure cannot be reversed. For some cases, however, no prep dental veneers may be an option.

No Prep Dental Veneers

No prep dental veneers do not require much, if any, removal of enamel from a tooth or teeth. They are also reversible, meaning that if you ever decide that you want to remove the veneer(s), you can do so because the original tooth enamel remains intact. No prep dental veneers may also be known by Lumineers, which is a brand name for no prep dental veneers.

Which Type of Veneers is Right for Me?

That will depend on the kind of work you’re needing done. Prepless veneers are a great option for filling in the gaps between teeth or if you’re concerned with permanently removing healthy enamel from your teeth. Traditional veneers are used when there’s little or no space between teeth or if a tooth or teeth have dark stains that couldn’t be concealed by a no prep veneer.

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  1. I am interested in Lumineers on the front of the teeth I look forward to hearing from you I want to improve my smile and make it bright and white and beautiful straight teeth


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