One Day Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

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One Day Dentistry in Phoenix, AZIf you’re like many people we’ve met, the idea of taking time out of your schedule to go see the dentist isn’t appealing, especially when serial appointments are needed to get more advanced work done, like crowns. What might surprise you is that advancements in technology have made it entirely possible to complete most dental work, even the more complicated procedures, within one appointment only. One day dentistry in Phoenix, AZ is now available through Dr. Reem Kidess, DDS.

One Day Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ – How is That Even Possible?

Dr. Reem Kidess is able to offer one day dentistry in Phoenix, AZ by utilizing skilled sedation in her practice as well as cutting edge technology.

Sedation Techniques

Sedation dentistry makes one day dentistry possible by reducing or completely eliminating the anxiety a patient may have about getting a lot of dentistry completed. A patient under the influence of sedation may have more tolerance for longer dental appointments, thus enabling the dentist to complete more work in a more efficient manner. What might have taken 2 or 3 appointments can now be done in one slightly longer appointment, saving the patient from having to take extra days out of their schedule to accommodate these appointments.

New Technology

Using cutting edge technology is the second piece to one day dentistry. Remember the days when you had to give an impression in the cold, gooey slop, wait for it to dry, and be fitted with a temporary crown while you waited for the lab to send back your permanent one in a day or few? No more of that.

One day crowns are now possible with CEREC technology. CEREC equipment can take a digital impression of your tooth and produce your crown right in the office, same day. No second appointment needed to install your crown. Click here to learn more about our other advanced technology.

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