Optimal Dental Implant Treatment with CBCT Scan Technology

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CBCT Scan TechnologyDental implants are a great, permanent alternative to bridges or dentures because they look and function just like your real teeth, and they last longer. Dental implants should only be performed by a dentist specifically trained in this kind of procedure, and with the latest CBCT scan technology, you can be sure you’re receiving optimal dental implant treatment.

What is CBCT Scan Technology?

CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. CBCT is a highly sophisticated 3D imaging system which can provide more relevant information than the traditional older X-ray method still used by most dental offices. CBCT scan technology shows vital anatomical structures within the bone structure and surrounding tissue.

CBCT scanning offers lower radiation and superior resolution compared with x-rays, and only takes between 10 to 70 seconds for a complete scan. Bone density information is also available with a CBCT scan which is important for dental implant support.

What Advantages Does CBCT Scan Technology Offer for Dental Implants?

The 3-D images can help identify the best placement for dental implants to avoid sensitive nerves and also choose the strongest placement in the jaw. The images produce by CBCT enables for better and more secure placement for your dental implants.

The CBCT scan technology used by Dr. Reem Kidess at her office also allows for simulation and an accurate surgical guide when putting together a treatment plan.

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