Oral Sedation Does More than Calm Your Dental Anxiety

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Oral Sedation for Dental AnxietyOral sedation is one method dentists can use to help calm an anxious patient. It involves prescribing and/or administering an oral medication to the patient prior to their appointment or procedure. Oral sedation does more than calm your dental anxiety, though. Here are some other potential effects of oral sedation:

Oral Sedation Does More than Calm Your Dental Anxiety

  • Sleep Aid the Night Before
  • Certain oral sedation medication prescribed for the night before an appointment can help a patient get the much-needed rest the night before their dental procedure. Sometimes a person can become so anxious about their appointment the next day that that they aren’t able to fall asleep. This can make for a miserable and extra nerve-wracking appointment.

  • Anti-Anxiety Medication
  • Some oral sedation medications are effective for calming the nerves of a patient and have no “amnesia” effects on an individual. Sometimes this is all a patient will need to be able to get through a mild procedure.

  • Sedatives and Amnesia Effects
  • When it comes to sedatives, this oral sedation does more than calm your dental anxiety. In fact, sedatives can cause drowsiness and promote a state of feeling asleep while you’re awake. You’re awake but you won’t remember anything that is going on during the procedure.

Can Oral Sedation Help Me?

Oral sedation is not for everyone. In fact, oral sedation may also be used in conjunction with other modern sedation methods. You should never take an oral sedative that isn’t prescribed by your doctor or dentist, and always disclose and discuss any medications you take prior to your dental appointments. It is important that you select a dentist who is specially trained in sedation dentistry so that you receive the right treatment for your situation.

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