Overcome Dental Phobia through Gentle Dentistry in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley

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Stop Putting Off Your Dentist Visits

overcome dental phobiaIf you think brushing and flossing are enough to keep your teeth away from cavities, think again! Without you knowing, plaque and bacteria may accumulate slowly in hard-to-reach areas in between teeth or the gum line, leading to pain and tooth decay.

Believe it or not, the only way of minimizing or preventing oral diseases in your entire lifetime is by adding regular dental examinations and cleanings by dental professionals on top of your daily dental hygiene.

However, a majority of the population skips regular dental consultations and only visits the dentist when things get severe and irreversible. The consequences of avoiding dental consultations are more dangerous than just stained or chipped teeth. In fact, putting off your dental visits can cause chronic infection to your teeth and gums.

If just the thought of going to the dentist is keeping you from sleeping at night, you should first learn to overcome dental phobia. The first step on going back to the dentist is by finding a gentle dentist that suits your needs.

How to Find a Gentle Dentist to Overcome Dental Phobia

Know your Needs. When you are looking for a dentist, consider the dental procedures that you need. Determine if you need reconstruction, cosmetic treatments, or a combination of both. It would better to find a dentist that specializes in what you need to ensure you would get the best service possible. You can also check out the local dental society to get a list of dental care providers in your area.

Consider your Physical Comfort. If you think you can’t withstand the pain or you have anxiety in getting treatment. Look for a clinic that provides a pain-free procedure. Anesthesia or sedation is widely used in dental practices. However, when choosing your dentist in Scottsdale, confirm if the dentist has a license for sedation from the Arizona Board of Dentistry. Only licensed clinicians and clinics can give you the proper drugs for pain-free treatment in a safe environment with your comfort and safety being forefront in their mind.

Do a Meet and Greet. You may have seen a lot of advertisements on newspaper or patient reviews on social media, but still, the best way to find out if you’ve found the right dentist is by meeting them face to face. Schedule a consultation with the staff and don’t be shy to ask questions to the dentist before making an appointment. It is far better than meeting everyone for the first time on the day of the procedure. 

Take a Look at the Environment. Another benefit of scheduling a consultation beforehand is, you would be able to look around and get an overall feel of the office. Is it comfortable and clean? Does it look welcoming? The clinic environment reduces the stress and anxiety of patients to a certain extent. 

Don’t Fixate on Price: Receiving treatment at a lower price tag does not mean that you are getting the better end of the stick. It does not mean that the most expensive treatment is the best, either. Price shouldn’t be your biggest consideration when looking for a dentist. Instead, you should look at the quality of service, especially if you are looking to overcome dental phobia.

It’s time to take your oral health seriously. Your smile might look perfect in the mirror, but your teeth might actually be unhealthy and decaying from the inside. Saving a few dollars on dental consultations is not worth the inconvenience you may experience later due to your aching teeth and close-mouthed smile. It’s not just the credentials and price that matter, it is more important to find a gentle dentist who is willing to lend an ear and understand your fears, and help you overcome your anxiety.  

Dr Reem Kidess in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, for example, has cultivated a relaxing atmosphere for her practice. How do you think of a clinic which looks like a spa? It’s treatment rooms have a beautiful view of Camelback and Mummy Mountains, massaging dental chairs, overhead TVs, and noise-cancelling headphones, scents of citrus and lavender in the air, all to make your dental visit a pleasant experience.

To talk to a gentle dentist in Scottsdale or to learn more about overcoming dental phobia.

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