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pain free dentist officeGoing to the dentist presents challenges for millions of people each year. Odontophobia – the fear of anything having to do with the dentist – is a real phenomenon.  A pain free dentist office can provide real solutions for those who need some extra understanding and compassion.

Pain Free Dentist in Paradise Valley

Sometimes this fear is caused by a previous traumatic experience, but more likely, the root cause isn’t easily identified. Sometimes just the general fear of experiencing pain at the dentist can keep someone from getting the important dental care they need.

There’s good news for those who has fear of the dentist. With technology always expanding, there’s virtually no pain involved in most dental procedures and a combination of different sedation techniques that can be customized to help nearly every patient. Seeing a pain free dentist who is specially trained in sedation dentistry can address this very real concern that keep so many people from getting proper oral health care.

What is a Pain Free Dentist?

A pain free dentist is someone trained in one or more sedation techniques. Every nervous patient experiences their fears differently which means there really is no effective “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to sedation dentistry. Dentists who are trained in a wide range of sedation techniques can offer a more customized approach to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need to help you feel comfortable – just enough and nothing more.

Dr. Reem Kidess is trained in a wide range of sedation techniques. If you’re looking for a pain free dentist in the Paradise Valley / Phoenix, AZ area, contact our office to see how we can help you get the dental care you need.


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