Painless Dentist in Phoenix

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Painless Dentist in PhoenixWe can all agree that a toothache can be one of the worst pains we experience in life, but unfortunately, there are times when the fear of the additional pain we might experience at the dentist office keeps us from getting the important care we need. Is there a painless dentist in Phoenix who can help? You bet.

Painless Dentist in Phoenix, Customized Individual Care

We all have had unique past experiences at the dentist and process our anxiety and fear of pain differently. When it comes to the dentist chair, there’s really no one-size solution to make every patient happy. IV sedation may not be the best option for someone who just needs a little reassurance that everything will be fine, and a pep talk may not do the trick for someone who has been traumatized at the dentist in the past.

Painless in Every Way – Sedation Options

This means that we take every extra step necessary to make sure that your appointment is pleasant, not just “pain free.” We will take the time to understand your sedation needs, your medical history, and work with you to form a treatment plan that you are completely comfortable with. Our compassionate staff has years of experience helping patients just like you.

Dr. Reem Kidess – Painless Dentist in Phoenix

If you’re looking for a painless dentist in the Phoenix area, give us a call or fill out our contact form and we would be happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to meeting you!

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  1. Hello I am 5 months pregnant and am worried about a tooth that may have developed into a root canal. Is there anything you can offer to help with pain during procedure for pregnant women? Does your practice accept Aetna?


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