Paradise Valley Dental Services for People with Dental Phobia

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There’s no denying it; everybody has to see a dentist every now and then to ensure good oral health. However, some people won’t or can’t go to the dentist due to severe cases of dental phobia. A lot of people dismiss dental phobia as something childish and irrational; while it is irrational (like all other kinds of phobias), it is anything but childish.

Since he can’t get professional dental help, a person suffering from dental phobia is more vulnerable to serious dental problems than the average Joe. Paradise Valley dentist Dr. Reem Kidess relates a certain case wherein the patient took thirty-five years before he set foot in a dentist’s office again. Fortunately, Phoenix has a number of dental facilities that offers different solutions for people with dental phobia, with sedation dentistry techniques being the most popular.

Sedation dentistry refers to the process of sedating a patient before and during a dental procedure in order to put him in a relaxed state. This procedure is commonly done for patients with sensitive gag reflexes, but it’s also used to calm people with dental phobia. In some cases, sedation dentistry actually helped patients get over their phobia for good.

As a testament to how sedation dentistry helps people with dental phobia, a patient that was once moderately sedated at a Paradise Valley dental office lost his fear of dental procedures, gaining enough confidence to request a milder form of sedation on his most recent visit. This is a big step considering this patient once suffered from severe dental phobia.

There are several types of sedation dentistry with varying degrees of sedation, ranging from slight calm to deep sleep. Oral sedatives are a form of light sedation, and can be ingested by the patient prior to undergoing the dental procedure. Sedatives can also be administered via intravenous sedation, but painkillers may be used before injecting the actual sedative.

Another form of sedation, Nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as laughing gas, relaxes patients when inhaled. Lightly sedated patients are put into a relaxed state, but they stay conscious throughout the operation. On the other hand, heavily sedated patients are rendered completely unconscious; perfect for patients who don’t want to see or hear what’s going on during the procedure.

If you suffer from severe dental phobia or know someone who does, a visit to a Phoenix sedation dentist will help a lot. Dental offices in Arizona have helped countless people get complete oral protection, get over their fears, and regain their trust in dentists.

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