Prepless Dental Veneers

Prepless dental veneers are made of a thin toothlike ceramic or porcelain material that is bonded to your teeth just like traditional veneers. The difference is that the existing teeth will require no preparation or minimal preparation in the form of removal of tooth surface. With prepless veneers Usually little or no anesthesia is required.

prepless dental veneers

What Is Prepless Veneers?

Prepless veneers are used to reshape and fix the appearance of your teeth help you reach your aesthetic smile goals. They provide a very natural tooth appearance. Multiple veneers can produce very dramatic and almost instant improvements in your smile- as ‘before and after’ photos clearly demonstrate.

Prepless dental veneers fit over the existing tooth without the prep step of removing the base tooth material. They are made of thinner material than traditional dental veneers. These are often sold under the name of Lumineers which is a specific brand of prepless dental veneers.

Since prepless dental veneers sit on top of the existing tooth, the appearance of the teeth will be larger. They may be a good solution for patients hesitant to file down healthy tooth enamel. Prepless veneers are popular because of the preservation of natural tooth structure and the ability to reverse the procedure in the future.

Dental veneers can be used with other cosmetic treatments. As an example with whitening your teeth you may find that it’s only the gap between your front teeth that you wish to fix. With just two prepless veneers you can get a great outcome.

When Should Prepless Dental Veneers Be Used?

  • When bigger teeth are needed to fill the spaces between teeth or to broaden the smile.
  • When patients fear the preparation step of tooth surface removal.
  • When the patient wants the option to reverse the procedure in the future.

When Should Traditional Veneers be used?

  • When teeth are already crowded with little to no space between teeth.
  • When the existing teeth have very dark staining that the thinner no-prep veneers may not cover completely.

Not every patient is a candidate for prepless dental veneers

Are Prepless Dental Veneers Right for You?

If you are considering prepless veneers, you may want to schedule a consultation. Dr. Reem Kidess approaches each patient from a unique and highly personalized perspective. Each client will be provided a number of options, with Dr. Kidess walking you through how each one can meet your smile needs. With more than a 20 years of experience, Dr. Kidess can ensure that your smile is beautiful and perfect again.


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