Restorative Sedation Dentist Reverses Damage Caused in Childhood

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Case Study by Bulimia Nervosa

When Rose came to see us, she was a healthy, 31-year-old young woman. She found us through an internet search for a restorative sedation dentist in the Scottsdale area to address her extensive dental restorative needs.

Rose worked as a waitress at a restaurant and bar and had been fixing only a couple of teeth at a time as she could afford it. When Rose walked into our office, we noticed two things right away; her eyes didn’t “sparkle” and her smile did not look like one belonging to a typical 31-year-old.

Rose had been through a lot as a teenager. She suffered psychological trauma as she watched her family fall apart. At the age of 14, Rose developed bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder, which continued until she was 19-years-old. While she eventually sought counseling for the psychological trauma and received treatment for her eating disorder, the damage caused by years of purging was huge.

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Every one of her teeth had been damaged. Rose was tired of the a la carte approach she had been taking and turned to Dr. Reem Kidess for treatment. Rose’s treatment required a team approach between Dr. Kidess and a periodontal specialist. Once a treatment plan was established, Rose’s entire treatment took 5 sedation appointments over the period of 8 months.

It included full mouth reconstruction, which included 5 implants, crown lengthening procedures, and then crowns to restore her teeth and implants to ideal aesthetics, form, function and stability.

For Rose, the final transformation was literally life-changing. The investment in her smile and oral health gave her the confidence she needed to pursue success in a nursing program.

She graduated exactly one year later, and currently has a sparkle in her eyes (and smile!), and has a fulfilling career and a well-paying job in a field that she loves.

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