A Royal Pain – Pain After Getting a Crown

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Almost no one enjoys getting a crown, especially the two-step process of installing a temporary before your permanent one can be made. But what happens if you’re still experiencing pain after getting a crown?pain after getting a crown

Here are a few reasons you might be experiencing pain after getting a crown:

  1. High spots – If your bite wasn’t properly adjusted, high spots can be the cause of continued pain after getting a crown. Simply returning to your dentist to have your bite/tooth adjusted can help alleviate pain caused by high spots.
  2. Excessive cement around the crown – This can cause irritation on the gums.
  3. Traumatized nerves or infected tooth – Unless you’ve got a full-blown abscessed tooth, sometimes these issues are difficult to detect until you start working on the tooth. If high spots or excessive cement around the crown aren’t the issue, you may need a root canal.
  4. Missed Crack – If the dentist missed removing all of a crack before placing the crown, you may need to have this remedied or you may possibly lose the tooth if the crack is too far down. Options for a completely cracked tooth includes pulling the tooth or installing a dental implant.
  5. Cavity below the gum line – Your tooth should be protected from cavities except below the gum line. It’s important that you brush and floss twice daily.

The two-step process of getting a permanent crown is becoming an outdated practice as newer technology takes over. Our office offers same day crowns which can reduce the occurrence of post-operative pain after getting a crown due to less trauma with messing with a temporary install and removal. For more information, please contact our office!

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