Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry: Altering the Effects of Alcohol on the Teeth

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Heavy drinkers are more prone to oral health conditions than casual and non-drinkers—from teeth staining to gum recession and even tooth loss. A Scottsdale cosmetic dentist like Dr. Reem Kidess can offer several services to help prevent the effects of alcohol on the oral cavity. Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures they can offer include teeth whitening, teeth bonding, dental crowns, and dental implant installation.

Teeth Whitening

Alcoholic drinks, much like sodas, have high acid content. Heavy drinkers are more exposed to teeth enamel erosion due to the acid from these drinks. When this happens, the teeth will become more prone to staining. To restore the teeth enamel and make the teeth pearly white once again, people can get a Scottsdale cosmetic dentistry in-office teeth whitening.

Professional teeth whitening is safer and gives more favorable results compared to do-it-yourself teeth whitening. A complete professional teeth whitening only takes about 45 minutes, with succeeding appointments to follow. With less alcohol consumption and more oral hygiene, the pearly white luster of the teeth can last for as long as six months.

Teeth Bonding

Aside from staining, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can also cause the teeth to decay. A solution to restoring decayed teeth is teeth bonding. It is usually administered to restore the front and back teeth. It is also used to reduce stains caused by alcohol, improve the appearance, and close any gaps between the teeth. Different types of fillings can be used for the bonding—silver fillings and composite fillings are among the most popular. The latter is often used by a Scottsdale cosmetic dentist because it lasts longer and provides natural looking teeth.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is used if the tooth is beyond repair. The dental crown will cover the visible area of the tooth that lies above the gum line. It can protect the tooth, hold the parts together, and maintain the teeth’s aesthetic appearance. Different types of crowns are available, such as metal, resin, and ceramic. Metal crowns, made from gold alloy or other base-metal alloys, can withstand tear, wear, and force. Resin crowns are less durable, but are the cheapest among the three. Ceramic crowns have the closest appearance to natural teeth, and are often used for the central and lateral incisors.

Dental Implants

Those who consume alcohol on a frequent basis are more prone to tooth loss. A Scottsdale AZ dentist like Dr. Reem Kidess offers tooth restoration to replace missing or decayed teeth. Dental practices can provide dental implants to support the tooth restoration. Since it is embedded in the jawbone, a dental implant is a more permanent solution than other tooth restoratives that are merely cemented in place.

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