Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry: The Dental Veneer Placing Procedure

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If you are unhappy with your current teeth, whether is it about the alignment or the color, and you want to have a new and improved smile altogether, there is a perfect Scottsdale cosmetic dentistry treatment for you: dental veneers. Dental veneers are very popular because everyone wants to have the best smile possible. They are safe and easy to install, only one or two visits to Dr. Reem Kidess, DDS, FAGD, PLLC and you’re good to go.

There are different types of dental veneers that can be had at a dental office. There are porcelain veneers and composite veneers. The former is tailored to each and every patient, making them unique. Normally, you would have to return after a couple of days before these can be installed. Porcelain veneers are very tough. In fact, they are so durable that they will outlast any other kind of dental veneer material. On the other hand, composite veneers are created on the same day after an x-ray is taken of a patient’s teeth and jaw line. The whole procedure will take around one or two hours. Both materials are bonded to teeth using a special adhesive which is very durable and strong.

Before you get dental veneers, schedule a consultation with your dentist beforehand. During this consultation, your dentist will examine your teeth and determine if you are eligible for dental veneers. The dentist should be able to tell you whether getting veneers is the best possible treatment for your teeth or something else. Discuss then pros and cons, options and price with your dentist.

If all goes well during your consultation, schedule the next appointment when you want to undergo the procedure. Scottsdale cosmetic dentists begin the procedure by removing a thin layer of your natural teeth. Keep in mind that you will lose this layer forever; however, the brand new veneer you are about to get will replace them just as well. Dental veneers might not fit comfortably if this layer of natural teeth is not removed.

Once this step is done, your dentist will then be able to apply the dental veneers of the material of your choice. Some adjustments will be made if necessary before the adhesive dries out. The bonding cement will take up to two hours before it hardens. Sometimes, dentists use heating elements to speed up the hardening process and you may leave the Scottsdale dental office to rest at your own home.

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