Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry: Uniqueness and Health Equals Beauty

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Everyone’s smile is unique. Although all teeth are structured roughly the same, each person’s teeth develop somewhat differently from others. The composition of bones and teeth also vary for each person. This mainly depends on genetics, which is why family members share dental traits and conditions. This doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about your smile—just the opposite, in fact, as Scottsdale cosmetic dentists can help you achieve your ideal grin.

Bones and teeth are primarily made of hydroxylapatite, a crystalline mineral based on calcium phosphate. Hydroxylapatite is present in animals’ teeth and bones, including coral skeleton exposed to low temperatures. It is also present in the calcified structures in the brain’s choroid plexus, a set of ventricles that produce spinal fluid, and in the pineal gland, which produces serotonin. The hydroxylapatite composition in the bones and teeth is strengthened with calcium consumption from dairy products like yogurt, butter, and cheese.

Every person’s tooth has the same structure but with variations based on genetic makeup. Some people’s teeth are more brittle than others’ and are thus more prone to wearing, fractures, or infections. People with brittle teeth are advised to get fluoride treatment to strengthen their teeth. Scottsdale cosmetic dentistry practitioners may also recommend alternative bite adjustment treatment if the teeth are too weak for braces.

Malocclusion is also a tricky condition that varies with every individual. Uneven teeth do not require bite adjustment, although a patient can still get one if he wishes. People get braces not only because their teeth will look beautiful afterwards; dentists also recommend it to keep food particles from getting caught between uneven teeth or gaps between them. Severe malocclusion can also put strain on the jaws and head. Through braces, headaches and possible infections are kept at bay.

Some people have uneven teeth because of their jaw and skull structure. People normally have 32 teeth; however, due to the shift to a softer cooked diet, human jaws have become shorter, which in turn causes teeth to crowd, especially when the wisdom teeth “erupt.” There are times when wisdom teeth need to be removed to create realignment space. Some dentists also extract premolars depending on jaw measurements.

While there is a widespread belief that glaring white teeth are the healthiest, the actual indicator of dental bone health is a slightly yellow hue. Any cosmetic dentist Scottsdale residents visit may whiten their teeth, but only to a point that the color is proportional to skin tone. That way, there is no distracting contrast between the color of the teeth and that of facial skin.

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