Should I See a Dentist During Pregnancy?

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Dentist During PregnancyDuring pregnancy, the changes in hormone levels can increase your risks for swollen gums, irritation and gum bleeding. If you’re wondering if seeing a dentist during pregnancy is safe, it’s not only safe but it’s recommended to ensure that you don’t develop any complications during pregnancy.

See a Dentist During Pregnancy for Preventative Maintenance

Routine cleanings are especially important during pregnancy to help prevent infections. Gum disease and infections are linked to preterm labor during pregnancy.

What About Fillings and Crowns?
Taking care of dental work such as fillings and crowns is important because letting them go for too long will increase your risk of developing infection. Although there is no evidence that dental work like fillings and crowns are harmful during the first trimester, if possible, schedule these to be done in the second trimester to minimize potential risks during the first trimester. By the third trimester, it may be difficult or uncomfortable to be on your back for too long during this time.

Is There Any Reason to Avoid Seeing a Dentist During Pregnancy?

Elective procedures such as teeth whitening should wait until after pregnancy. Any unnecessary dental work should wait until after pregnancy to reduce unnecessary risks. However, emergency cases exist where you may need more than basic dental care, such as a root canal or tooth extraction.

What About X-Rays and Medication?

Dental X-rays are considered safe during pregnancy, but always be sure to use proper leaded shielding. Most medication used in dental work is considered Category B, which is considered generally safe. You’ll still want to take precaution and tell your dentist if you are pregnant, and use the lowest effective dose possible.

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