See Your Dentist Less with Sedation Dentist in Phoenix, AZ

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Sedation Dentist in Phoenix, AZIt’s fairly common to joke about your dislike for dental appointments, but it’s an entirely different story for those who suffer from real anxiety about their dental visit, even before stepping into an office. Dental anxiety is neither a joke, nor is it funny for those who experience odontophobia; the term used to describe often paralyzing fear or anxiety which may keep someone from going for simple routine cleanings and check-ups. Thankfully there’s a sedation dentist in Phoenix, AZ.

Sedation Dentist in Phoenix, AZ

A sedation dentist, sometimes referred to as a “sleep dentist” by patients, can be the key to them getting their oral health taken care of. All too often, however, we are finding that those who experience odontophobia have avoided the dentist for so long that they come seeking help only because they are in desperate need of major dental work that is causing them excruciating pain. This is a tragedy.

The Good News is You Can See Your Dentist Less

If the previous scenario is you or someone you love, there’s good news. You can actually see your dentist less and get more things taken care of during each visit. Our sedation techniques make it possible for someone like you to have multiple dental procedures taken care of while you are relaxed and perfectly safe in the chair. You still have to schedule your cleanings though (yes, we offer sedation for those, too).

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