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A smile makeover is our process for improving the appearance of your smile. Our approach and what we do is personalized based on your smile goals. This can include dental veneers, composite bonding, crowns, implants and teeth whitening. A pleasing, attractive smile is the alignment and harmony of teeth color, shape, size, position and bite.

Are you happy with your smile? Are you looking for ways to enhance your smile? A personalized smile makeover uses a range of cosmetic dentistry diagnostic and treatment plans to help you achieve your aesthetic smile goals.

Your Personalized Smile Makeover

First we gather information. We need to understand your smile enhancement goals. What is it you don’t like? Is it the shape? is it the size of your teeth? the gaps? the position? the color? We want to ensure that your expectations are realistic and something we can give you.

We then go through what we term “collection of records” which is more than just x-rays. We include a series of 12 photographs. We take impressions which could be physical impressions, such as molds, or digital impressions using CEREC 3D CAD CAM technology.

We use all this to produce models such as a diagnostic wax-up and put together a personalized treatment plan. This is based on your expectations and the health of your teeth and gums. Every patient is different.

For some patients, it is easy as whitening their teeth. For some patients, it does include orthodontics. For others, we are talking about veneers, or bonding to re-create new shape, position and aesthetic to their smile.

We use the physical models and computer models to demonstrate what results the treatment plan will give. Models show your smile as it is currently (before) and the diagnostic wax-up will show you what results may realistically be attained (after) and once approved becomes our blue print. At times, we can also perform what we call a “mock-up”, where we can transfer the diagnostic wax-up to your teeth to give you a visual of the possibility. It’s not perfect, and it’s almost like putting little temporary veneers on your teeth, almost like slip-ons.

This allows you to visually see the results before treatment even begins, and allows you to make an informed decision about moving forward to get the smile you have always wanted.


Teeth Makeover Consultation Based on Your Smile Goals

Dr. Reem Kidess approaches each patient from a unique and highly personalized perspective. Each patient will be provided a multitude of options, with Dr. Kidess walking you through how each one can meet your smile makeover needs. With more than 20 years of experience, Scottsdale cosmetic dentist Dr. Kidess can ensure that your smile is not only beautiful but personalized, healthy and functional.


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