Smoking Effects on Teeth

The Surprising Effects of Smoking on Teeth

Do you need another reason to quit smoking? You know that smoking is bad for your health; you also know that smoking can lead to yellow, sallow-looking teeth. Smoking effects on teeth is much more than yellow teeth.

Smoking is one of the most significant risk factors associated with the development of gum disease. Use of Tobacco is a risk factor for oral cancer, periodontal disease, and congenital defects in children whose mothers smoke during pregnancy.

Smoking Effects on Teeth

While smokers may often associate tooth loss and gum disease with tobacco chewers, numerous studies have shown that long-term tobacco use – whether by chewing or smoking – can cause premature tooth loss and gum disease. What’s more, long-term smoking can even cause gums to recede, which inevitably leads to the gradual disintegration of bone tissue.

With smoking, tooth loss can occur even if you have dental implants. Smoking can cause the gum tissue surrounding the dental implant to inflame, which eventually causes the implant to fail and become loose or even fall out. This is known as “peri-implantitis,” and it is a serious condition which requires the immediate attention of a dentist.

Dr. Reem Kidess, DDS in Scottsdale works hard to educate patients on the effects of smoking, including how smoking can lead to tooth loss. By providing patients with this critical and life-saving information, Dr. Kidess can help ensure more people preserve their healthy and beautiful smiles.


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